Dylan Murray


I live in London now

Hello everybody, it’s been a long while and I’m sorry for that. I’ve had a crazy year. A big year. A year of change. I finished up my work in finance in Sydney in March last year, and then in April left Sydney for an extended period of travel, and have been kind of on the road ever since. It’s been good. We’ve settled for the last six months or so in London, over winter. First off, Jess and I stopped in Japan for almost a month. If you have read this blog before you’d know that I really love Japan. Totemo suki wa Nihon. We wanted to really sink into it a bit and explore some areas we’ve never been…

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Solomon Islands By Boat

Two divers; a father and son team, both daring and expert, pushing each other to test their limits. After diving to a depth of 80m to treasure-hunt a WWII German U-Boat wreck, both divers made horrible mistakes and succumbed to the bends, and promptly died agonising deaths. True story, the story of Chris & Chrissy Rouse, a story I was reading whilst on a father-son dive trip, living on a boat in the Solomon Islands. Good inspiration, I guess, for a dangerous sport? I was on a “liveaboard” cruise for ten days, with 13 others (aside from Dad & I), and 8 crew, aboard the Solomon Star, a fairly decent sized catamaran, although getting on in years. The book I…

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