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Somehow, you, journeyman of the internet, have come across my website. Congratulations to you. Perhaps it will be of some worth. I write of many things – usually on paper first, before it hits the screen. I’ve got quite a backlog of thoughts that will eventually make their way here, and who knows? Maybe they will influence your life in some small way. This website is basically to document my life as it happens. Have a read of this page for a  bit more in depth information about me.

I write about my travels, hoping in vain to somewhat emulate the poetic narrative style of one of my heroes, Anthony Bourdain. I try to get to places that are less travelled, although I’m sure you’ll see plenty of places heavily traveled as well. I try to travel as much as possible, although that seems to be getting harder and harder these days. It takes effort to commit to travel, long term. Both of my parents worked for a large Australian airline for most of my life, so I’ve been brought up with the incredible luxury of frequent trips to Japan, South Africa, Europe, Asia, America and the South Pacific (of which I am very aware of how fortunate I am). Unfortunately for me, once that luxury is taken away it leaves quite a big hole, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I also write about my experiences in starting and running businesses. Why listen? I’ve already failed – that’s probably more valuable than words on success. I keep going though. I’ve started a few that have frittered away into the ether, and one that I’ve sold out of and is still running as a successful business in Sydney – so I can cover both ends of the failure/success spectrum, I should hope.

A Japanese Feast
Yours truly, devouring a traditional Japanese feast at a Ryokan (Japanese inn) in the seaside town of Kinosaki, Japan.

I believe in a concept that I term “geoindependence,” which at the moment is one of the guiding forces of my life. It’s a long and un-traditional journey, but the rewards are (I hope) worth it. Being geoindependent means that you are bound in no way to any particular location, and can comfortably support yourself (ie, relatively stress-free) wherever you choose to travel. This used to be called “being rich,” however now the internet allows it for a far greater number of people to actually achieve. Tim Ferriss talks about this concept a fair bit, although under different names and for slightly different means. On dylanmurray.com, you’ll (hopefully) see how I go about becoming geoindependent with real time updates and actual real-life tips to help you.

A little about me then. As I write, it’s 2013 and I’m 25. I live now in Sydney, Australia, where I’ve lived for pretty much my whole life (except traveling, of course). Living in Sydney is great, although it does have it’s down sides (it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world). I live a 10 minute walk from some of the world’s best beaches, which is a definite upside for Sydney. Even though I write this from Sydney, don’t think for a second that everything I write is only applicable to Australians. It’s not. I truly believe that we’re in the first period in history where location truly doesn’t matter – we are beginning to construct a world culture, for better or worse, via the internet. When I write, I write for you, in San Francisco, in London, in Rome, in Johannesburg, in Kuala Lumpur, in Rio De Janeiro. I already do business with Hong Kong, the USA, Indonesia, Mexico – it matters not where I do it from. The way I see it, from my geoindependence perspective, is that I currently live in Sydney, because it’s awesome. Who knows where I’ll be living in a year, two years, five years.

Coogee Beach
The beautiful Coogee Beach, Sydney, one of my favourite places in the world.
Coogee Beach
Coogee from the beach.

Sometimes, I consider myself a musician. I play guitar and have for about 12 years. Not too serious though. My band basically just jams in a studio for 5 hours every few weeks, playing some weird mixture of reggae, blues, and surf rock. Good fun. And I love snowboarding. Expensive habit. I’m sure you’ll see more of that on here later.

The studio.

For the past year, my friend Dan and I have started and built a custom laser-cutting & engraving service in downtown Sydney for the creative market, called Bespoke Laser. We had both wanted to work for ourselves for some time, and had already dabbled in business part time a little bit (more later). We chose laser cutting, reasons why I’ll elaborate at another time. What a year it’s been. I didn’t know anything at all about lasers or laser cutting before starting Bespoke Laser. Now I know quite a bit about a manufacturing process that I could not have predicted knowing just 18 months ago. I’ll write all the stories of this ride in more detail as I go along, but you’ll get it eventually. Ups and downs and lessons learnt, that kind of thing. Basically we shacked up in a garage, imported a laser cutter and started trading. Eventually, we got the idea that we should have our own space, and so we did. We leased our own studio on a  popular city street, with a nice street frontage. We got another laser cutter. We got more clients, bigger clients, bigger ideas, more to do. Things went well and things went wrong, but one year in I’m pretty confident in saying that I’ve learnt more in that year than any postgrad business school course can teach you (which, coincidentally, is another thing I’ve been doing this past year).

Bespoke Laser.

I don’t mind snowboarding – I try to get in as much of that as I can. Japan is my destination of choice. Some may say I’m a Japanophile –  I’ve been there enough times that I need to count to remember how many times I’ve been there, mainly for the snow. I have an amazing girlfriend named Jess who I love to travel with, although she doesn’t like the snow quite as much as I do, but she’ll get there I’m sure.

Upside down in Japan
Upside down in Japan
Mount Yotei, Hokkaido, Japan, and I.
Mount Yotei, Hokkaido, Japan, and I.

Basically, I’m just a guy who wants to get the most out of life. I’m into many things and I’ve got many projects. Hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing about them. At the moment I’m at a cross roads – about to sell a business and graduate with a Master’s degree in Finance. I think that will play a larger role in my future. I think that’s enough for one post. Until next time, adios.


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