Cook Islands

Exploring Aitutaki – Cook Islands Part 4


So, it’s been a long while since I’ve written about the Cook Islands, and it has been a while since I was last there. But! I still have a bit more to write about it, so here it is, finally. This is what we got up to for the rest of our stay on Aitutaki, the most beautiful island in the world. We hired a scooter from the nearby bar for $25 NZD / day. Pretty cheap. No helmets needed. Scooting around Aitutaki is a great experience. The wind in in your hair, and on the…

Aitutaki Resort Life – Cook Islands Part 3


I came to Aitutaki when I was a young boy – I don’t have conscious memory of it. That doesn’t mean I don’t remember it. That strange mixture of smells, colours, culture and language will always trigger subtle memories that you just can’t grasp. In my case, returning to Aitutaki was like returning to a timeless paradise. Like re-reading a novel and remembering the scenery. Flying down through the low clouds in an 8 seater twin propeller plane, a turquoise ring rises from the dark blue sea in the distance. Closer in, it’s revealed that the turquoise ring…

Circumnavigation of Rarotonga – Cook Islands Part 2


We awoke around 4pm. The clouds were gone, the rain was gone. In their place was a baking hot sun. Just what I wanted. We investigated our accommodation a little more thoroughly; discovering that the Club Raro Resort was situated right on a coral beach, with a set of old concrete stairs leading from the pool deck to the coral, in a fairly nonchalant manner. Next to these stairs, a thatched roof circular bar stood between the pool and the also-thatched seating that overlooked the beach, the water, the water breaking on the reef, the horizon….

Arrival in Rarotonga – Cook Islands Part 1


It’s always darkest before dawn, they say. In Rarotonga, it seems it’s always hottest before dawn. At least that’s the first thing one notices, stepping onto the stair-truck to the tarmac, from the statically pressured and cooled 737. I personally think that one of the greatest experiences when travelling is walking across airport tarmac, after descending from a stair-truck. It’s real. The plane is right there. No one is trying to hide it from you, like they do in modern terminals. There’s always an element of remoteness, adventure, and a lassaize-faire attitude about. So it is…

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Somehow, you, journeyman of the internet, have come across my website. Congratulations to you. Perhaps it will be of some worth. I write of many things – usually on paper first, before it hits the screen. I’ve got quite a backlog of thoughts that will eventually make their way here, and who knows? Maybe they will influence your life in some small way. This website is basically to document my life as it happens. Have a read of this page for a  bit more in depth information about me. I write about my travels, hoping in…